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Wolf! is a lovely introduction to drama for KS1 children-it features a live actor with a puppet puppy and dressing up. The format is an informal imaginative storytelling and has lots of links with PSHE/PDMU issues as well as giving drama participation, speaking  &   listening opportunities.


The star of our show is a quiet little puppy who wants to be brave and have adventures just like his hero the Big Bad Wolf. Then one day while he is chasing a butterfly he ends up in the deep dark woods and he has to decide what friendship and real bravery is all about.


This acclaimed interactive story uses traditional storytelling, puppetry, dressing up and physical theatre and lets children take part in the action and even decide what direction the story takes.


Aimed at  5 -7 year olds but also suitable for younger children to watch with a parent or guardian.


Develops creativity and introduces key literacy skills.

This production is suitable for studio theatres, art centres, schools, museums and marquee venues.

He's not as big or as bad as everyone says he is!

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We make a donation to Wild Wolf Conservation with every booking.

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Come aboard our Magic Carpet and be transported to far away lands, take part in a unique adventure with your intrepid storyteller as your guide. At the end of the story your group will weave a new thread into our carpet and be part of it forever.


We offer a world of stories from the deserts, the mountains, valleys and across the seas. We can tell a story from our repetoire to fit most themes.

For 8-11 year olds!

The Magic Carpet




There is a box. It's a huge box and it is full of socks!


We put them on our hands & we put them on our feet and then we add faces and voices and we move to the beat!

Physical theatre, Rhyme & puppet making for the under 5's!