Theatre Without Walls

Award winning education and outreach since 2002

Theatre Without walls provide award winning practical training and facilitation to creative practitioners, educators and our clients.


We specialise in forum and roleplay based facilitation. We also engage in skills training in key areas where we have specific expertise. We have developed programmes for BBC Staff, The Prince's Trust (Staff, Mentors and Young people's programmes), District and County Councils, teachers and arts organisations.


All of our lead practitioners have teaching qualifications and are experts in their field with many years service. We promise  no hidden 'extras'-we only use our own trusted team of actors and facilitators. We provide facilitators and programmes for many large and well known training organisations.


We use many of the same methods in training as we do in our creative workshops-where they differ is in outcome as training usually has workplace specific outcomes in mind wheras our creative training is much more about the acting process and creativity.


Theatre Without Walls take a creative, experiential, immersive and interactive approach  to learning so in most cases our work favours    kinesthetic, auditory and visual learning styles familiar to those with experience of NLP.  In almost all of our training workshops we also provide text based notes. Our methodology is based primarily on the work of Augusto Boal and our trainers have a thorough grounding in key traditional training areas such as motivation, objectives, self confidence,  and management.  Our creative work continues to inform our training practice.

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