Theatre Without Walls

Award winning education and outreach since 2002

We can set up and run projects at your school and provide artists in residence and mentoring to work with staff & students.


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We specialise in Forum theatre and have a number of targeted issue based programmes available.


-Healthy Schools

-Mental Health

-Personal safety


-PSHE / Citizenship

These are just a few ideas but we can offer schools workshops on almost any area of the English, Drama, Performing arts or media curriculum.  We can offer cost effective packages that get the most out of your budget: We can deliver different workshops to several classes in a single day booking for example. We also offer artists in residence staff training (INSET), mentoring and education projects.



Audition Skills

Artist in Residence



Forum Theatre



Our professional business and drama training facilitators are available to schools to run audition and interview skills training with students. Our workshops use roleplay and Boal based NLP style exercises. We offer university, workplace or acting audition based options.

-Microfilms: Make a film

-Podcasts & Broadcasts-make a radio show

-ANY SUBJECT Focus: Make a documentary

-Storyboarding/Writing with IT

-Visual poetry using film media

-Create a website or e-zine




Media Skills



-One-day Shakespeare masterclass

-One-day modern text masterclass

-Stanislavski, Brecht, Growtoski or Boal workshop

-Create a play in a day or a week

-Shakespeare, play in a day or a week

-Clown for a day: Pantomime

-One day or one week poetry residency

-Storyboard & script workshop

We can provide every aspect of production management-from direction to technical.

We also offer mentoring and training for staff and students.