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Award winning education and outreach since 2002

Theatre Without Walls are particularly valued by long standing clients for the quality of our roleplay actors and our forum facilitation. We don't use extras or agency actors.


Use our small team of experienced actors to role-play problems and find possible solutions to them. With a roleplay we can practice almost any situation in advance. We can work within your exisiting infrastructure or fill training gaps. We provide a high quality and efficient service- just ask any of our previous clients.  We have provided links to all of our clients websites under our 'welcome' menu.


Our roleplay actors have a specific training background and understand the work enviornment. We don't use agency actors and have our own roster of experienced actor-facilitators who we know and work with regularly.


We can use your own scripts or write new ones based on real life situations. With a focused and specially written role-play or actors can 'be' your competition, an important client, your customers or a difficult member of staff or student.


Use us in a presentational / conference style which can include large groups for staff training or in smaller surgeries for management development.


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