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We have film, radio and drama projects, using art, IT and physical drama explore what it means to be you! Create a photo montage documentary in a day, a class radio show or a film over one or several days.


Anyone can make a film or radio show and we can teach you how. Use our equipment or your own IT kit (any computer/digital camera).  Create a a class project in a day or we can spend time with several groups.


Rhyme Time is our curriculum linked poetry programme based on latest research developed in conjunction with the University of Ulster. Choose from workshops and interactive poetry performances designed to make learning fun.


Available for Early years and KS1

Rhyme Time

Media Projects

We supply actors in role for events run by RHS, National Trust and museums. Our living history actors portray Scientists, Explorers, Inventors, Engineers, Artists, musicans and more. History Comes alive with actors in role telling stories from the past!

History Comes Alive-School Visits

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KS2 Shakespeare Play-in-a-Day

We will introduce any Shakepeare play (yes, even Titus Andronicus!) and the pupils take on roles in the story and use some Shakesperean language.


KS1 Shakespeare Imaginative Journey 

This is an interactive storytelling-choose from many of the plays and we will bring them to life!


£50 Shakespeare Workshop

This is a one hour session that finishes with a 1 minute version of the play. Created for Shakespeare Birthplace Trust Shakespeare Week-now available all year!


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We offer a full range of  training options from drama to media to roleplay & Forum theatre for school and staff issues.


We offer production services,

mentoring and training in every aspect of  school drama and events management.



We have more history, art, music & drama workshops than we could possibly fit on one page. So we haven't tried-we have fitted as many as possible on another page!


Pick'n'Mix: Book us for a half day or longer & choose any mix of workshops.We can work with as many classes as possible in that day.

Costumed Actors





Interactive theatre at your school

We create full scale productions that tour to theatres but it isn't always possible to get to those venues so we decided to create some low cost theatre experiences that can be taken almost anywhere.

Theatre experiences