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Professionally written, factually correct actor-in-role performance where visitors encounter live portryals of historical figures that bring exhibits and artefacts to life. More information is available in our Events section.

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Actor in Role Events

We can extend an exhibit or create renewed interest through storytelling and drama. We can concentrate on a particular story that relates to your exhibition or any text-fact or fiction, myth, tale, story or poem from around the world, from a specific period in history or with a particular theme to fit in with your requirements.  Perfect for bringing history alive or for introducing storytelling/writing/drama.

Bring an exhibit or archive material to life with a live reading or scripted performance based on historical/archive research. We can create professionally delivered events or projects where community writers develop responses to your venue, artefacts and exhibits. These can be short plays, poetry or lecture style readings. We work in museums nationwide and can provide readers or actors to perform appropriate material.

Anyone can make a simple film & we’ll show you how- all you need is a digital camera or digital video camera & a computer (PC/Mac) and if you don’t have your own you can use our equipment! Originally developed by Theatre Without Walls for the BBC, you can use these easily mastered skills to create film versions of any text or event. Brilliant for youth & School visits.

Every picture tells a story and we can put you in the picture. Participants take on roles and help us create and explore exhibits or artwork using role-play, forum and interactive drama. We can use any visual text, a newspaper article, photograph, painting, sculpture or artefact.  Perfect for History, PSHE or Citizenship.

Workshops Community Film&Audio Forum

We work with many local and national museums and galleries as well as historic houses, archive organisations & libraries.