Theatre Without Walls

Award winning education and outreach since 2002

Media production is growing area of our business. We first started using film and new media technology to support our live work and now Theatre Without Walls create community and educational content and formats for independent producers, community groups & corporate clients. We work with production companies & freelances at every level of the industry so we can provide viable options for most budgets. We also run film & audio education & community projects where people create their own production.


We have developed training programmes for broadcasters including the BBC and ITV and we regularly run short projects where communities make their own films telling their own stories. We also produce content and media displays for museums, art galleries, heritage organisations, charities  and schools- this can be professionally generated or community generated content.


                       Here are a few examples of our media projects:

Teachers TV-Training Film
BBC- Shakespeare Lyric Theatre-Online Project Example Media Projects