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Standard Specialist Workshop Fees

1-2 hour £350

Half day £500

Full day £700


Example Forum Theatre: Cost of a corporate training session

Forum session : £1200

Forum with roleplay £1400

+£350 per additional role-play actor if required


Approximate actors fees

Scripted or skilled e.g. roleplay per day £350

Street theatre/circus skills per day £250-£350

Scripted Walkabout per day £250-£350

Unscripted walkabout per day £250

Rehearsals (if required by client) per session £175


A general guide cost for creative services (eg. creating a forum script/roleplay)

Writing Per day £200-£350

Research Per day £150-£250

Script estimate cost per minute £300

Document estimate cost per page £300


Estimated Management/admin (eg. managing an event or production)

Onsite management per day £250

Office based managment per day £200

General admin. per day £150


Rough estimates for basic media production

Rough estimates for delivery of finished product

(Includes all costs: Crew, directing, editing, materials etc.)

1 minute £1200

5 minutes £5000

10 minutes £10000

15 minutes £15000  etc.


Approximate cost to create a new training project

New role-play estimate creation cost £600

New 10min script estimate creation cost £3,000

New 60min workshop estimate creation cost £1, 200

All of the rates listed are examples based on actual costs and fees for past projects.


Repeat bookings with existing clients will often cost less as the set up costs will be less.


If your project is more or less complex than the rates quoted here the fees could be higher or lower.


In general we will match any reasonable quote.


Did you know?


Theatre Without Walls  fund our community and education work from our commercial work. You may be interested in the added CSR value of using us for your events or training needs.




We run community and education projects as well as producing live productions. We can offer business and training services in exchange for funding or sponsorship. We can also offer programme & poster placement and event opportunities.


We are always excited to have volunteers too!

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