Theatre Without Walls

Award winning education and outreach since 2002

We love festivals and we have created a few  special workshops that can be delivered almost anywhere.


They also feature lots of short interlinked activities which require no prior knowledge and can be delivered as all day, full length or drop-in & out sessions. We deliver them at civic events, schools, music festivals & tourist attractions.

History comes alive!


Every Picture Tells A Story

Poetry, Rhythm & Rhyme

Carnival of the Animals

The Junk Puppet Workshop

Silent Movie- Make a film

Stamp & Stomp

The Jungle Junk Orchestra

Go Walkabout!


Carnival Masks


& Events

for Families

or Children

True Stories come alive with our award winning formula of interactive storytelling and drama where the audiences take on roles and help us tell the stories.  We can take any scientific or historical event or explore any artefact or museum exhibit  and create an imaginative journey that puts participants right in the story. Perfect for bringing history alive. Versions for all ages available from KS1 children through to adult/community groups.

Walk like a dinosaur using techniques created for hollywood movies, bring the lost world of the dinosaurs to life with soundscapes and storytelling. Seperate fact from fiction and use your imagination to follow in the footsteps of the bone hunters!

Every Picture tells a story and together we anaylse an artwork and then slowly bring the picture to life using soundscape, character development and storytelling. We can explore the artwork and the artist in the workshop and we can work with landscape, portrait or abstract pieces.

Our rhythm and rhyme performance poetry workshop features wonderful wordplay, body percussion, movement games and activities designed to get you rhyming. Poetry, drama and rhyming stories all together in one fun workshop. Available in versions suitable for KS1 or KS2 children and for adult learners/community groups.

Carnival of the Animals! Mime and movement workshop taking animal movement and behaviour as our inspiration alongside Saen saens music. We will use our own observations of how animals move to help create a short drama at the end of the workshop.

Make your own sock, spoon, glove or paper puppet and then create a play. Puppets are ideal for addressing issues such as bullying with children. We also use our puppet workshop as a purely literacy based session to focus script writing or story board work. We can also theme the puppet workshop for venues -eg animals for Zoo's, Shakespeare plays for theatres! Suitable for all ages and we bring everything you need! KS1 or KS2 versions.

Our silent film workshop combines music, props from our dressing up box and physical theatre. Participants respond to music and we create short scenes together. This workshop can be combined with our film making workshop or be taken on its own as a music&drama workshop.

A workshop for small people who like to stamp and stomp and the big people who look after them. Lots of easy, fun active drama games that adults often enjoy even more than their children. Suitable for KS1 primary school children or parents and toddlers.

Using bits and bobs that would normally get thrown away your pupils invent their own percusion music and help tell our interactive story about the amazing Jungle Junk orchestra. Recycling, drama and music.

These are just a few of our most popular fun and educational workshops for families and children. We can offer workshops on almost any theme-just ask!

Go Walkabout is a movement workshop based on clowning  and carnival characters from around the world. It's great fun and suitable for anyone.

Costumed actors tell interactive stories themed to your event- incl. Greeks, Romans, Victorians, Pirates, Explorers, Scientists, WW1 & II & many more- just ask!

Make masks from junk based on real masks from around the world or create a completely new character.