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Cost: £1500/£350/ split+£150   Per week/ Single day(up to 3 perfs)/single daytime show/

Box office split considered with £150 guarantee


Technical Information:

Running time: 60 Minutes including discussion/book swap (multiple or single performances available)

Workshop:A drama workshop is available

Content: General audience/suitable for all ages. If this was a film it would have a ‘U’ rating.

Technical:  None required. In theatre: General ‘warm’ cover in the playing area.

Ideal space: Flat 3mx3m playing area with audience seated in semi-round.

(but can be performed in any configuration to suit venue including circle/end on/on a stage etc.)

The production can be performed anywhere but is ideally suited to a gallery space or studio theatre.

Also suitable for libraries, schools, community venues etc.

Set: Freestanding collapsible 1m x 0.5 m carry on set that can get in/out within 2-3 minutes.  

All set/props etc carried on by performer at start of show-no setting/striking during show.


A full production pack is available.

Theatre Without Walls /Public Works present

Isabelle Blake is leaving her old life behind. She has been dreaming of escape for as long as she can remember and the family bookshop has always got in her way but now there is a new man in her life and things are starting to get interesting.


This funny and moving production is for anyone who has ever fallen in love or dreamed of a new life. ‘Desert Island Books’ is a literary romance with a loveable quirky heroine delivered in a pacey physical theatre style.


This show can be performed almost anywhere! It is perfect for encouraging reading and introducing community audiences to the arts. The show includes a fun discussion and book swap-where audience members can bring a book to swap for a new one or share their own favourite reads.


Workshop add on: This add on is available for schools and community groups-

Creative Drama workshop using our costumes and props where the audience become the actors and  develop the story from where the play leaves off.

Desert Island Books

By Jason Maher

Starring Genevieve Swift

Desert Island Books 1 Desert Island Books 1