Theatre Without Walls

Award winning education and outreach since 2002

For larger organisations we can contract or tender under your normal procurement terms or use one of our own contracts if you prefer. For community groups/schools a letter of agreement is fine. Our practitioners are all members of the appropriate industry body for their specialism e.g Equity for Actors, BECTU for technical staff,Writers Guild for writers etc.


Theatre Without Walls work to standards set by TMA, EQUITY, BECTU, & WRITERS GUILD.


-Everyone working for us has a full (Enhanced) CRB disclosure/Police Check.

-We are insured for £15million PPL.

-Everything we do has a full risk assessment.

-We have a transparant HR policy.

-We actively strive for the highest ethical practice and have a solid environmental record.

-Theatre Without Walls operate to our access, disclosure and vulnerable persons policies.




We are happy to generate a quote based on your specification or we can work to a set budget or within agreed paramaters.  There are many variables in terms of scale, quality and timeframe and it is is impossible to provide a set price guide for bespoke work, however we do have a list of typical fees as a guide.  Our delivery rates are very competitive and are based on union agreements across the industry. To compare our fees with industry standards click on the icons to the left (BECTU, TMA, WRITERS GUILD, EQUITY). We are able to match any quote which falls within the range of these guidelines.


Our fees relate to current industry payscale agreements plus actual costs for materials, equipment etc. Costs vary with the amount of input required from us and the finished quality level of any production.  Costs may include technical equipment, costume, materials, travel, additional insurance and royalties as well as set up and staff costs.


The costings we offer vary on quality level and scale. We have equipment and facilities available at all levels of the industry- a recording studio or video camera suitable for a community project will cost much less than equipment required for an HD Broadcast or a high spec. business conference.  Many set up costs will be the same for a single day as a much longer project and therefore cost more per delivery day than a longer engagement.

Complex tendering and evaluation processess also increase costs.


Where possible we  reduce our rates to the absolute minimum for charity/community projects and we also operate a volunteer scheme where we provide free projects and workshops to eligible groups.

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