Theatre Without Walls

Award winning education and outreach since 2002

Theatre Without Walls consult for councils, individual community groups and charities. We can create large and small community projects from a brief or suggest ideas. We have been creating community and outreach projects since 2002. As well as creative workshops we can produce media productions, live events and projects where members of the public or specific target groups work with professional practitioners.  We are always happy to discuss any ideas or to suggest project ideas for any particular objectives you may have. We can enable your venue or group to create things like site specific performances, youth and community showbuilds, film productions, museum documentarys, podcasts, CDs and radio shows.


Many projects are designed to be delivered in historic buildings and we often work outdoors. We have run projects in forests, in cathedrals, in a marquee, at music festivals, in art galleries and even on board a tall ship.  In some cases projects have been used to focus attention to neglected areas, as a focus to community engagement, to develop new audiences and visitors, to encourage civic pride and social cohesion.


When we create a new project it can be outcome or output focused i.e. focusing more on creating a high quality end product or more on the creative or learning process and it can be aimed at a general audience or visitor base or at a specific group (e.g. children, young people, the over 75s, minority or interest groups). They can be used to focus on key skills areas (e.g. adult literacy, IT, reading etc.), on a particular curriculum subject (e.g. history, geography, science etc.) or a particular issue (e.g. bullying, racism, drugs, social exclusion etc.)


We are happy to discuss any ideas you may have and can work to most budgets. We may even be able to help with funding.

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