Theatre Without Walls

Award winning education and outreach since 2002

Information for Actors and Facilitators


Theatre Without Walls produce live, video and audio content for a diverse range of clients. We also cast for our own theatre productions, corporate training, street theatre, and education/ actor in role events.


Generally we cast from our associates and via agents. We sometimes post casting information via equity's actors information service. We never use online or print casting services which actors have to pay for. Any information obtained via paid-for services has simply been copied without our permission from another source.


Please don't send us cv's, headshots, reels or any other information by post. We are unable to read, return or reply to anything you send and it will simply be sorted on arrival without being viewed for recycling with junk mail.


We hold actors labs. Contact us about workshops


One of our co-founders is an actress-Genevieve Swift. You can visit her website here:

Equity Actors Union (UK) The Spotlight The BBC Use Fee The Acting Website Skillset

Now casting...

1. Actors/facilitators (esp. based in Northern Ireland) to join our pool of associates to be considered for future equity and corporate projects.  To be part of our team you must have a teaching qualification and professional theatre training.


2. Theatre Practitioners and storytellers based in England and Scotland for events and school based freelance engagements (All above equity min.)


Do not send any information by post. An email attachment or link to a website is ideal. Email your initial interest to

Genevieve Swift


Information for young people

1. We run several youth theatre groups - contact us about joining.


2. We can run industry events at your school-ask us!


3. We have a waiting list for work experience.