Theatre Without Walls

Award winning education and outreach since 2002



We produce accurate portrayals of figures from history for a number of museums and national visitor attractions.


Our scripts are created from diary extracts, letters and other archive material in the figure's own words. We can research, script and perform authentic portrayals of scientists, explorers, artists and other figures. These can be theatrical, lecture style, tour guide style or character walkabout style.


Options include

-Actors in role interacting with your visitors

-Scripted recordings to make your displays come alive

-Poetry readings & performances of key texts relating to your exhibits

-Historic lectures delivered in character from original notes.

-“Day in the life of” or “through the eyes of…” events

-Script commissions undertaken and performed.


Cost:  Exisiting scripted characters from £175

         Character walkabout £125

          Basic costumed actors from £75  ('extras')

          New portrayals created from £350

           Historical research/scripted portryals £1,250


Budget, Standard and Premium options available-our prices depend on the amount of work required and depend on production scale, quality level and your exisiting infrastructure.


We can provide any number of walkabout actors in costume and in character or telling stories to tie in with your event or to add value to attractions. Past events have included figures from history, scientists, horticultural figures, fairies, movie icons, ghosts & pirates.





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